We've brought together a unique constellation of nearly a hundred companies that have the potential to change the world.

Our goal is to open doors for founders who have the potential to change the world - no matter where they come from  -  and provide them with the resources and support that are so crucial in a company’s early days. Our investments are anchored in our core areas of expertise - consumer, marketplace, and infrastructure businesses. That said, we will invest in novel opportunities outside those focus areas.

At Fuel, there’s an extended group of founders you can lean on and learn from thru prior investments made before starting the fund. Many of the founders of those companies are now investors in Fuel and we enjoy seeing these relationships come full circle. We often lean on the founders of companies like Pagerduty, Heroku (Salesforce), Hipmunk (Concur), Parse (Facebook), WePay (Chase), Connected (LinkedIn), Cue (Apple), Zencoder (Brightcove), Kong, and Beautylish.