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Founders First, Always.

This is not about us. It’s about you. When we choose to invest in a founder, we choose that person, that team. We know that if we put you - the founder - first, our mutual returns will be outsized.

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Carving shortcuts is what we do.

We know what you're experiencing because we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve been there and have dealt with hiring our first 5 employees, managing board dynamics, building brands, raising money, and scaling companies. We'll share our lessons learned so you get there faster.

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Relentlessly pursuing the edge.

We are work horses by nature. We didn't start as insiders; we worked hard to muscle our way through barriers and open up our own opportunities. We will immediately get to work, doing the same for you. We vow never to get in your way; we are here to offer real help when it’s truly needed.

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We don't shy away from hard.

We have experienced it all - rejection, sacrifice, and adversity - so not much phases us. We stand in our founders' corner through it all - the good and, more importantly, the bad.